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When you need to know exactly where an underground utility line actually is for an excavation, we can dig it up without damage so you can physically see it. 

High Plains HydroVac Truck22.HEIC

When you’ve got to set a pole near some underground utilities, it is usually more efficient to dig the pole hole with the HydroVac. Hand-digging takes time and can still damage utilities or injure workers. 


Splice pits are a great application for a HydroVac tuck. For a repair, the last thing you want is to make more work for yourself by further damage. We can also open a splice pit before the outage if you’re splicing into existing utilities. 



Hydro-excavation is a new method of excavating that is growing fast around the USA and Canada.  A hydrovac truck uses high pressure water to move soil while simultaneously vacuuming it into the debris tank on the truck. It can then be easily moved off the job site.  This is a safe, reliable and efficient method of excavation. The hydrovac truck has many applications and benefits in the utility and excavating world. Some benefits are:

  • Able to get within close proximity to locates without damaging utility lines

  • NO  shoveling!

  • Faster results

  • Safer for both the worker and utility line(s).

  • More efficient and has much fewer break downs than a hydrovac trailer

  • Cleaner

  • Less labor

  • Less disruption of soil

  • More precise

  • Can dig through frost



The Hydro excavation truck can precisely dig exactly where you need it to. They can even dig right on top of the utility line to expose it to day light without any damage. One problem is that most companies choose to buy/rent a trailer-mounted hydrovac out of convenience. I have used those hundreds of times. They get the job done, but about halfway through you find yourself asking, “is this even worth it?” The trailers are slow, they get clogged easily, the suction and water pressure are weak, and they don’t hold enough water or debris. You won't find that happening with the big hydrovac truck.  Once you see this unit run, you won’t want anything else! I’m excited to bring this service to Sioux Falls.
Being a local company, I can also provide 24/7 emergency call outs.


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